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If you have any questions, requests or anything in between please contact me at info@leonieberkenbosch.com. I’m looking forward to being in¬†touch with you!

Business enquiries

Do you want more information about my freelance work? Or are you interested in content collaborations, advertising, fashion illustration assignments, social media projects or styling collaborations send a mail to info@leonieberkenbosch.com. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Post Address

Leonie A. Berkenbosch
Klooster 53
1251 WR Laren (The Netherlands)
Email: info@leonieberkenbosch.com

Or contact me on social media:

Instagram: LeonieBrknbosch
Facebook: LeonieABerkenbosch
Twitter: LeonieBrknbosch
LinkedIn: LeonieBerkenbosch